Introducing HVAC Solutions | HVAC Solutions Auckland
Martin Payne (below left) is the Co-owner of HVAC Solutions and is the Senior Engineer to the company. HVAC Solutions currently employs 6 staff, making them a medium sized commissioning company that is more than capable of handling large and sensitive projects.

Having started his Commissioning career in the UK in 1991, Martin has over 20 years’ experience in the Building Services industry. Martin is also accredited by the Commissioning Specialist Association (CSA) with a grade 6, this is the CSA’s highest possible grade; a status recognised and endorsed by CIBSE in their Commissioning Management code – Code M.

Martin is considerably skilled and experienced in the commissioning field and the operation and understanding of environmental control equipment. He also has an exceptional knowledge of other building services across a range of industry disciplines and their interaction with one and other in various modes of operation.

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Martin has the ability and focus to review design drawings and specifications for Commissionability. Ensuring that the design intent is achievable from design through to installation and the commissioning of the finished project.

The staff of HVAC Solutions are also encouraged to join the CSA and with the Distant Learning courses that they provide. This helps cement in place correct commissioning practices and raises their level of commissioning comprehension as they develop their careers. Thus, they are independently graded through the CSA on their merits, capabilities and experience.

HVAC Solutions also have long established relationships with colleagues that are influential within the commissioning industry from around the world. Technical input from the likes of Ron Hollis and Gerard Beare, who have been in the building services commissioning sector since as early as 1975. These guys are always on hand to HVAC Solutions to provide help and advice should ever we need to think outside the box or have that challenging experience.

Commissioning is the single most important activity to any building. So when commissioning is fully executed on all levels; it unlocks the sustainable benefits of the buildings potential.

So whether it is a simple office block or bank; data centre or Hospital; HVAC Solutions has the resources and expertise to work for you - all this, together with our high-end test equipment & instrumentation, this makes us the right choice for your project; Helping you and your clients stand out above your competitors.