Air and Water Balancing | Services | HVAC Solutions Auckland
This is the most common of all commissioning processes and the final piece in the puzzle. It is the ‘setting to work’ of a ‘finely tuned’ air-conditioning system that provides a fully functional building.

And it is a proficiently commissioned system that lends itself to being a cost efficient building throughout its building life!

Needless to say, it’s all about the bigger picture and the whole process to get to this point is a bit like decorating a house. It needs the preparation before hand to help provide a simple path through the commissioning phase. It is therefore pre-commissioning activities such as commissionability reviews, ductwork leakage testing and pipework pre-commissioning flushing that perpares a system and smoothes the way for commissioning so that it can be performed correctly and the acceptable tolerances are achieved.


Air and water balancing in essence, is such a simple process but as we all know, you can only proportionally distribute what quantity is available to you. So if there is a shortfall, a blockage or some other deficiency, it then becomes the experience of the Commissioning Engineer and his equipment that allows the problem to be identified, pinpointed and subsequently resolved.

To us, this is the difference between basic balancing of a system and the comprehensive commissioning of a system! So where everyone expects a system to be commissioned, it is generally a balanced system with deficiencies that they receive. At HVAC Solutions, we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to commission systems!