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Referred to in other parts of the world as Commissioning Management. It is a highly focused and specialised role within the construction industry and without a managing party, a project can easily lose direction and cohesion when it needs it most.

At HVAC Solutions, we are very well rounded with all aspects of building services and have staff that have been involved in this capacity in Europe and New Zealand for many years.

A Commissioning Manager (or ICA) generally comes from a HVAC commissioning background and it is these credentials that makes them best placed to understand processes and interrelationships between the different building services systems.

There are many levels to which a Commissioning Manager may be involved in a project. This may vary to who has employed the management party and the scope to what they are engaged for. A basic scope of service may be as simple as basic reviews and reporting back progress to the principal party through to a full management package that requires the team to be on-site throughout the final construction and commissioning phase to become the focal point of the specialist subcontractors and orchestrate the proceedings through commissioning programmes and regular site meetings.

Ideally a Commissioning Manager should be engaged on a project from as early as the design phase and continue in that role through to the final handover of the project and the 12-month fine tuning process that follows.

A Commissioning Manager should have his finger on the pulse at every stage and should be able to respond to impromptu situations where trade conflict or latent problems may arise. He should have a good relationship both up the chain and those who are pulling it below.

HVAC Solutions tick all the above boxes. In fact commissioning management is about processes and ticking boxes, so along the way we track advancements to ensure processes have systematically been achieved. We will make sure that trade methodologies have been submitted and read correctly, as well as making sure milestone advances of the project are achieved to keep the project on track. We consistently speak with the specialists on-site so that we are abreast of current conditions and we conduct strategic reviews of system progress and track deficiencies until they are resolved. Towards the conclusion of the project, we spot check static testing and witness check completed system for acceptability.

In amongst all this, we are generally used as a sounding board to help overcome specific problems and advise of remedial action or inform relevant parties of situations that need a collective or a higher level solution.