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At HVAC Solutions we are frequently approached by Building Contractors, Building Owners and even potential Property Buyers to report on the condition and/or operation of the air conditioning plant within a building.

We have a great knowledge of all environmental plant and equipment and our time served industry experience means that we are well placed to source and engage third party specialists should we need to go that extra mile.

We know that it is through placing central plant in known conditions that allows us to interrogate a system, and from here, we can conduct performance tests to ascertain system capacities or through recorded data, make calculations on system capabilities. We can then establish what shortfalls exist and what further investigational works (if any) need to be implemented in a bid to dig deeper and find root causes and deficiencies.

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We also have the experience to navigate around the Building Management System (BMS) or the etiquette work alongside resident Controls Engineer, so that we can review the operation of the management system and see that what is being requested of the plant, is actually taking place in the field. We are also objective when it comes to identifying obvious deficiencies and our experienced allows us to be open-minded to any possible solutions.

Our extensive knowledge, expertise and high-end equipment allows us to interrogate systems and report on the current conditions as an independent party.

We can also offer recommendations for system improvements and remedies.